Madame Corsetiere and Jim Thorpe Burlesque, Limited, work hard to maintain an environment where all Burlesque and Vaudeville entertainers are welcome, regardless of how long they may have been performing.  We recognize true talent when we see it, and it has graced our stage in the form of Burlesque veterans, with their own dedicated following.  Talent has also come disguised as the shy girl next door, who had never set foot on a stage, but blew us away with an original routine that rivaled that put forth by professionals.  If you're a great entertainer, new or established, we want you to apply to appear at one of our shows.

Jim Thorpe Burlesque, Limited, is proud to be an organization that helps raise funds for the preservation and renovation of The Mauch Chunk Opera House.  Built in 1881, it was a regular stop on the Vaudeville circuit of the 1920's and 1930's, and has hosted legends like Mae West, Red Skelton, Al Jolson, W.C. Fields, and the Dorsey Brothers, among others.  The Mauch Chunk Opera House is served by the Mauch Chunk Historical Society, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining, restoring, and unearthing history in Jim Thorpe, PA in all its forms.  Jim Thorpe is brimming with 1800's architecture, archives full of historic photographs and records, and fascinating stories of those who came before us.  Be a part of it at